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Los atentados, en su brutalidad, haban despertado en los neoyorquinos la sensacin de hogar. Un rato antes, Calamaro haba consultado con las 1200 personas que haban llenado el teatro Irving Plaza si deba seguir tomando tequila o si deba parar. Sali esto en La Nacin: El doctor Gregory House termin su sptima temporada muy mal, incrustndose con su auto en el living de su ex novia y ex jefa.

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Gary J. Volesky, highlighted the leading role played by the Iraqis in the operation. Army Maj. Shortly after we moved to Nashville, I ordered some California wines. I was able to track the shipment all the way across the country. And since someone over eighteen has to sign for alcohol, I arranged to be home all day.

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