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Stuff your Sitzplatzhorrors

The most astonishing sight in European football may be the South Stand at Borussia Dortmund. On a match day, packed with nearly 25,000 standing fans, it looks like something out of the 1970s.

Other clubs claim that the wall of noise from the Sudtribüne – the largest stand in Europe – is worth several points a season to Borussia.

‘There is a certain respect among opponents for the Westfahlen Stadium,’ agrees Herr Schneck, the Borussia press officer. The only problem, he says, is that the Sudtribüne often turns against its own team.

To see a German football match is to return to a prelapsarian era. This week three members of the Football Licensing Authority are in $700 celine multicolour canvas slip on trainers sneakers plaid love life eu38 Germany, studying the terraces to see if they might be a model for the UK. While they are there, they should have a look at the remarkable ticket prices, too.

German football has always treated the fan $720 new celine us 10 eu 40 burgundy leather thong ankle strap sandals shoes box differently. The Bundesliga only turned professional in $980 celine flatform platform loafers 40 the 1960s and football grounds tended to be owned by local councils, which regarded them as prestige objects. To let the stadium decay was as unthinkable as allowing the town hall to fall down. Moreover, as West Germany hosted the World Cup in 1974 and the European Championships in 1988, there was always reason and money to improve things. The Westfahlen Stadium, for instance, was built for the 1974 World Cup.

The consequence is that Germany has never had a Hillsborough, a Bradford or an Ibrox. In 16 of the 18 Bundesliga grounds people still stand, and there is almost never any trouble. In fact, German hooligans sit, a tradition that began with the ‘casuals’ of the early 1980s who wanted to disassociate themselves 0 celine 173823ska 18cc engine from the scruffily dressed old people standing up. The best way to get rid of German hooliganism would be to abolish seating.

Times change, you might think. Borussia Dortmund are now quoted on the stock market, Bayern Munich are run by sharks who dream of overtaking Manchester United’s turnover, and German grounds are currently being renovated for the World Cup of 2006, when standing won’t $3400 authentic celine trapeze royal blue leather medium be allowed.

In short, you $700 celine multicolour canvas slip on trainers sneakers would think that now is the time for avaricious clubs to build all-seat grounds – what their left-wing fans call ‘Sitzplatzhorrors’. Lars Lutter, a fan representative at St Pauli, does think standing room will diminish at the new grounds. He points out that builders prefer seats, which bring in the highest revenues.

However, Lutter admits, St Pauli – a radical left-wing club $1k iconic nib celine bam bam sandals nude 37 us 7 even in the boardroom – have pledged that if they build a new stadium it will include more standing than the current one. As it is celine replica dion handbags, 15,000 of St Pauli’s 20,000 capacity consists of standing accommodation.

Nor will the World Cup of 2006 end standing. Already European and international matches have to be all-seater, but German clubs get around that by temporarily fitting their terraces with foldable or removable seats.

Behind the Dortmund Sudtribüne, for instance, is a mountain of seats used only for European games.

This summer, just down the road from Dortmund, their rivals Schalke 04 will open a new stadium. The Schalke Arena is supposed to be the last word in modernity, and will surely feature at the World Cup, yet it is to have standing places for 16,800 fans.

Admittedly, ticket prices for the terraces will be about a third higher than in Schalke’s old ground. But even they will be cheap enough to $3k nwt celine runway silk make Ken Bates blanch. Standing in the Arena will cost £4.80 for an adult, and £3.20 for a child, prices that include some free local transport.

You can find prices like these across the Bundesliga. At Bayern Munich, tickets for the stands start at about £6.50, and at just 65p for children (this in a region much richer than Britain). Even a seat in Bayern’s main stand costs just £14.40 for certain Bundesliga matches. $1600 new celine brown distressed leather satchel boston tote bag handbag purse

At Energie Cottbus, in the old East Germany, standing tickets for adults to the biggest Bundesliga games cost £6, while children pay just over £1. At $2700 new 2017 authentic celine nano debossed luggage gray calfskin aqua trim Hamburg, a season ticket for a seat starts at £86. At St Pauli, standing tickets cost £6 and the most expensive seats are £22. Across Germany, pensioners, students, the unemployed and the disabled get reductions that can be as high as 50 per cent.

There is little debate about any of this. Virtually everyone in Germany, even the sharks at Bayern, agree that fans should be allowed to stand, and that no one should have to pay the shocking prices charged in the UK. Lutter says: ‘When people who have been to England tell what it’s like there, we just stare at them.’

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