This is a canonical ending to the original Superman tales

Then Played Straight. Eun Jae and Oh Suh Young argue over their breast sizes when they’re in the hot springs. Actor Allusion: Eun Jae hits a punching bag regularly to air out her frustrations; Lee Shi Young is an amateur boxing champion. This is a canonical ending to the original Superman tales before John Byrne’s reboot. All comic books are imaginary stories, so this non continuity story is no less valid than any in continuity story Earn Your Happy Ending: Superman may have lost many of his friends and allies, but all of his enemies are now either dead, imprisoned, or have made the wise decision to leave him alone. In addition, he gets to settle down and start a family with Lois under a new identity.

Basement Dweller: Spencer, subverted as they won’t let him out. This may have had an adverse effect on his sanity. Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Ronald McDonald was a spy in Russia with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington seeking out a mystical sword.

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