Cost of steel and concrete

Cost of steel and concrete and the challenges of building a facility of that nature over the railyards are becoming more difficult, he said in February. Likelihood of the Nets actually building a new facility in Brooklyn and leaving our facility is diminishing by the moment. Has blamed the nation ongoing financial crisis for the downsizing and for the soaring cost of the publicly financed basketball arena, which once had a $430 million pricetag, but will now cost $950 million.

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Raiders President Marc Badain said there has been no progress made in recent months with officials in Oakland about a new stadium there. Beckham, who is behind a proposed Miami Major League Soccer franchise, sat next to Davis at the meeting, adding a bit of star power in a town that has always embraced stars. “It’s a bigger idea, it’s about the MLS coming here, it’s about bringing the biggest European teams here like Manchester United,” Beckham said.

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