Salt doesn’t hurt your car

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wholesale nfl jerseys HomeNewsScottish NewsWorld War 2Highlander submarine secret: Why did 33 WW2 Nazi U boats surrender in one Scottish loch?ONE historian has discovered a forgotten episode of Scotland’s World War II history and uncovered a remarkable Highland secret.13:54, 6 JUL 2015Remote Loch Eriboll was the perfect spot for surrenders.Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA HISTORIAN has shed new light on how the pride of the German navy gave up the fight in a Highland wilderness at the end of World War II.David Hird discovered that a tiny loch was the scene of the mass surrender of Nazi U boats in 1945. It was the biggest gathering of the German submarine fleet.The surrender of the subs the wolf pack that terrorised the north Atlantic shipping lanes in Loch Eriboll was one of the strangest episodes at the end of the war.The Sutherland sea loch was the perfect spot. Its deep anchorage was isolated limiting the chance of a last show of defiance by commanders.At a time when the phrase “loose lips sink ships” was all too common, it was easy to swear the locals to secrecy.Some of the German U boat fleet in Loch Eriboll after surrendering, 1945.It was often assumed that only a handful of crews gave themselves up in the sheltered inlet.David’s tireless research has shown that some of the most feared U boat commanders of the war gave themselves up there.They included men such as Fregattenkapitan Ottoheinrich Junker, whose vessel took partin the infamous wolf pack patrols that sank Allied ships and killed thousands of sailors.Former local government officer David, 70, a Yorkshireman who lives in east Sutherland, tells the story in his book, The Grey Wolves of Eriboll.He said: “Junker was commander of the ocean going U 532 submarine and one of the most senior officers present at the surrenders in Loch Eriboll.”He commissioned U 532 in November 1942 wholesale nfl jerseys and stayed with the boat until the surrender. wholesale nfl jerseys

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